6 Reasons for School: Rediscover Your Motivation

Carolina Jacobs

Oct 10, 2022
6 Reasons for School

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Whether you’re wondering about going to college or feel lost in the middle of your undergrad years, you may need some extra motivation. It’s challenging to remember why you want to earn a degree if you’ve lost sight of the many things you stand to gain from your college experience.

These are a few reasons for school that will make your time at university worthwhile. You’ll rediscover your motivation and the many tools you’ll gain by the time you graduate.

1. You’ll Start a Rewarding Career

You could always find a job that doesn’t require four years of college education, but you’ll likely find more meaningful work with a bachelor’s degree. Instead of working overtime in an entry-level position for years, you could become a nuclear engineer, finance manager, or physical therapist. 

Think about what roles or responsibilities make you feel most fulfilled and match them with a degree that will utilize them.

2. You’ll Learn Your Strengths and Weaknesses

College puts students in new situations. You’ll encounter subjects you’ve never tried and form new routines every semester. It requires self-actualization by embracing the unknown, checking in with yourself, and learning from your mistakes. The challenging growth will be worthwhile because you’ll rediscover yourself and graduate with the self-actualization you need to thrive in your professional life.

3. You’ll Overcome Your Anxiety

Even the best students encounter anxiety in school. You may face varying anxiety intensities before tests in challenging classes or when living in new social settings like dormitories. If you struggle with tackling your anxiety or fight the need to procrastinate when school gets tough, you’ll manage those challenges by working your way toward your degree.

4. You’ll Find New Professional Opportunities

Colleges offer unique opportunities exclusively for their students — you’ll have access to internships and volunteer roles that are only available to students at your university. These are some of the top reasons for school that help students rediscover their motivation because the roles have less competition and lead to meaningful relationships.

The professional relationships formed during college are the start of your networking experience. Mentors will guide you to others in their field who could open doors to the best careers for your interests. 

By interning or volunteering with a local conservation organization, you could meet someone who will recommend you to a national wildlife biology company where you can use your nature degree to pay the bills while learning about the world. Use your time as a student to get creative and meet people in varying fields who can help you start your career.

5. You’ll Form Meaningful Relationships

When you’re working full-time, you’ll spend most of your time with the same people every week. School presents opportunities to meet new people every other hour. Take advantage of your time as a student by seeking friendships in school clubs, talking with people before class, or attending university events. You’ll create meaningful relationships that may last a lifetime.

6. You’ll Hone Your Time Management Skills

It doesn’t matter if you take classes full-time or part-time — every student has to learn time management skills to graduate. Figuring out how much time you need to study, read, fit some social activities into your schedule, and maintain your wellness will help you throughout your life. People excel more easily in their careers and personal lives when they can easily manage their schedules.

Find Your Reasons for School

There are many reasons for school attendance and graduation. You’ll form social relationships that change your life, learn skills that help every aspect of your career, and become more in touch with your identity. It’s worthwhile in more ways than one, so remember what you stand to gain with each finished semester.

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