6 Benefits of Being Single in College

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Dec 27, 2020
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In college, people from around the globe are brought to one location to study. You have the opportunity to meet new people and learn more about yourself. For many people, college is where they meet their best friends and future spouses — but does that mean being single in college is a bad thing? While many people are excited by the prospect of a new dating scene, there are many benefits to remaining single. Before you dismiss singlehood, consider all of the terrific perks that it offers during this time in your life.

Whether you’re debating breaking up or have arrived at school single and ready to mingle, check out these six benefits before making up your mind.

1. Avoid Jealous Scenarios

Most people have experienced jealousy at some point in their lives and know how quickly it can take over a situation. If your partner is jealous of the time you spend with other people, it can quickly impact your social life. Likewise, you might experience the green-eyed monster and feel resentment towards the people who get to spend time with your partner. Love and romance are fickle, and those butterflies can quickly turn to lead if a relationship turns sour. While these situations may seem far-fetched, do you want heartbreak to consume your college experience?

When you are single, your mind and emotions are your own — free from manipulation, heartache, and jealousy. You can practice healthy thoughts and actions and enjoy everyone’s company equally.

2. Enjoy Constant Flexibility

Does a spur-of-the-moment road trip with your besties sound fun? When your single, you have the flexibility to go on adventures without any concerns besides completing your schoolwork. What if your boo was sick or upset? You would feel obligated to care for them, and suddenly the relationship consumes your free-time and flexibility.

While in the moment, you might not mind trading friend experiences for romantic dates, it’s still time you’ll never get back. Sometimes the best moments are the unplanned ones. As a single person, you can enjoy those moments without guilt, and without checking in with someone first — which is an incredibly freeing experience.

3. Focus With Fewer Distractions

Face it, when you are in a fight with someone you care about, it distracts you. It makes it difficult to focus and can ruin your mood. On the other hand, even positive emotions can cause you to become so distracted that it’s challenging to focus. This can complicate study time and even impact your grades.

You don’t want to think of your love as someone who holds you back, but the truth is that significant others often distract you from what you want in life. It’s difficult to concentrate on yourself because the relationship monopolizes your time, and suddenly you lose sight of your goals. While this might not be the case for every couple, it happens more than you can imagine.

4. Find a Better Work-Life Balance

College is where you go to earn a degree and progress your learning. Your diploma will help you get a job, and your professors can act as references for future positions. However, if you think balancing a social life and a relationship is challenging, wait until you add professor meetings and academic events.

Remember, the real reason you are in school is to get a degree, so speed dating and flirtatious encounters should go on the back-burner.

5. Take Time to Find Yourself

Despite what you might tell your parents, you honestly don’t know everything or have your whole life figured out. For most college students, life is just beginning. College is a place to discover yourself and learn who you truly are when no one is watching. Are you a morning or night person? Do you prefer to cook or eat out? This is the chance to recreate yourself, to discover passions, and try new hobbies.

It’s tricky to discover what’s important to you if you have a shadow. Subconsciously your relationship will influence your choices and self-perception, and often you won’t be able to spot the changes. If you’re single in college, then the only person steering the boat in life is you.

6. Meet Future Potential Partners

One benefit of being single in college is that it means you have a chance to meet that special someone. When you eliminate the pressure of being in a relationship, your eyes become clearer in choosing someone who’s the right fit for you. In comparison, it’s easy to fall for someone in the same dorm or course simply because you have things in common. By then, you’ve committed your time to someone who’s convenient, which causes you to miss opportunities to connect with someone special who might have been better for you.

Learn to Love Yourself

Many people begin relationships because they are searching for companionship, love, or happiness. However, it’s unfair to expect someone to make you happy or content. It’s your responsibility to find those feelings for yourself. Relationships should enrich your life further — not be the only thing keeping you going. Instead of thinking a relationship is a requirement in college, embrace singlehood and the six perks that come with it! When you think about it, the benefits of being single in college truly seem to outweigh the cons.

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