What To Do With a Humanities Major

Ginger Abbot

Dec 4, 2022

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Few people view humanities majors as lucrative when searching for a job. Yet, studying the world through a critical lens, including English and philosophy topics, builds communication and problem-solving skills — essential for any role. So, are you wondering what to do with a humanities major? Here are a few career opportunities to consider. 

1. A Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a good field if you are creative and have technical skills. With a strong background in communication, you can create engaging logos and images. Plus, evaluating things from different perspectives helps you make better design decisions. 

As a graphic designer, you’ll work with clients to create product logos, illustrations, or websites. You also make decisions about text font and format. You usually need a bachelor’s degree to become a graphic designer. Keep in mind the typical salary is about $47,090 per year. 

2. A Technical Writer 

Reading and writing skills will help you excel in a technical writing career. Technical writers transcribe instruction manuals and guides, creating how-to manuals and operation guides. You can find many of these roles in the IT industry where complex information needs to be broken down. 

Technical writing jobs usually require a college degree in English or Journalism, with knowledge in programming or web design. Certain companies may also offer freelance jobs along with full-time opportunities. In this role, you can make about ​​$76,338 per year. 

3. A Sign Language Interpreter 

People with a more enhanced communication background can do well as sign language interpreters. A sign language interpreter is fluent in sign language — using signs and body gestures — to communicate with people who are deaf.

While you don’t need a bachelor’s degree for this career, some employees may require some education in American Sign Language (ASL), English, or communications. It’s good to have additional coursework in ASL and deaf culture as well. People in this role make about $57,933 per year. 

4. A Travel Agent 

Becoming a travel agent is an excellent option when considering what to do with a humanities major. As a travel agent, you need to have strong communication and problem-solving skills. Daily responsibilities include planning and organizing clients’ lodging, travel, and leisure. 

It’s necessary for travel agents to know the best times to schedule trips and make itineraries for each day. Some agents may even travel to specific destinations to provide more personalized suggestions. 

A high school diploma and some coursework related to the travel industry is usually sufficient this role. You might also want to learn a second language to communicate with multiple clients. You can find these jobs from companies like American Express, with an average salary of about $18.92 per hour. 

5. A High School Teacher 

As a teacher, your primary role is to prepare students for academic success in college. Some professors also teach technical skills necessary for the job market. To get students engaged in the lesson plans, they can rely on their communication skills. Also, it’s essential to know how to teach the material from multiple perspectives. 

Teachers can also take their knowledge of the past to engage students in history lessons. To become a public school teacher, you need a bachelor’s degree. Many require you to major in a specific subject area, like history. You will also need to meet certification requirements, such as the Early Childhood Education one. However, these guidelines can vary based on the school. In 2020, high school teachers made about $62,870 per year.  

6. An Advertising Manager 

Advertising is all about knowing what people want and communicating effectively. You already have these skills and are persuasive. Plus, if you take a creative writing course, you can create more engaging online content. Keep in mind you will need to work up to a managerial position which can make about $110,221 per year. 

First, earn a bachelor’s degree in advertising, communication, or marketing. It’s also a good idea to complete an internship and specialize in a particular area. Then build your network and join professional organizations, such as the American Advertising Federation (AAF). 

7. A Counselor 

Working as a counselor is a good choice when deciding what to do with a humanities major. Knowing how to think critically helps you to solve complex problems for your clients. You are also more empathic due to being able to understand multiple perspectives. Many counseling roles require a master’s degree and license. 

You can work in a school, certified practice, or even a rehabilitation center. Working as a counselor can be a rewarding role as you get to impact people’s lives directly. Also, keep in mind the average salary for a school and career counselor is about $57,040 per year. 

Here’s What to Do With a Humanities Major

Graduating with a humanities major can provide you with employable skills. But you may be wondering, what to do with a humanities major? With this degree, you have many options in either creative or educational fields. So, review this list before entering your next job. 

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