12 Fundraising Ideas for College Sororities

Ginger Abbot

Nov 2, 2022

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College sororities help you make new friends and get involved on campus. These types of clubs usually rely on funds to run successfully. So, consider these fundraising ideas for college sororities to help raise some cash. 

1. Hold a Dance Marathon 

Dancing is a great way for students to have fun and blow off steam. Each student should get a sponsor to donate money for every hour they dance. Create a website with a donation button to conveniently collect all the funds. You can even have a theme for the occasion, such as 90’s pop. Also, take song requests from students to keep everyone engaged. 

2. Deliver Baked Goods 

What college student wouldn’t want a yummy treat delivered right to their dorm? Baking and giving out desserts can help you raise funds. You can take orders and collect addresses through a google form. Consider adding an option to buy in bulk so students can purchase items together. You can sell things like marshmallow treats, cupcakes, or cookies. 

3. Have a Sports Tournament

Sports are a great way to get active and connect with other students. Playing sports can also increase your academic performance and boost your self-esteem. Have your classmates build teams and set a price per team. Create a bracket and see if local vendors can donate prizes.  

4. Host a Date Auction

Date auctions allow your sorority members to get involved. See who’s willing to participate and auction off things like movie or dinner dates. If you have a dance coming up this can be an easy way to get students interested. Keep the evening light-hearted and emphasize it’s for a good cause. 

5. Hold a Walk-A-Thon

Walk-a-thons are excellent ways to encourage students to exercise. Many college students are busy with classes and don’t get enough physical activity. Exercise is important to prevent heart problems and reduce stress. Get club members involved by having them participate in the race or help run the event. 

6. Set Up an Outdoor Movie Marathon 

This is one of the fundraising ideas for college sororities that gives students a break from classes. When planning the activity, check the weather and get permits for off-campus locations. Look for a space that is enclosed and has easy access to restrooms. You will also need to select a movie and rent a projector. Poll your classmates to see what films they would want to watch. When selecting a projector evaluate factors, like the brightness and screen size. 

7. Start a Crowdfunding Campaign 

With the rise of technology, you can raise money right from your dorm. Use platforms such as Kickstarter, to reach out to friends and family for donations. Instead of asking for a specific amount of money, make it personal. Share your goals for the club and how the money can help. Update your page with photos of each member and any recent sorority activities. 

8. Design Custom T-Shirts and Merchandise 

If you’re more creative, design custom merchandise for your sorority. Sell these at your club events or even your campus store. This helps to raise money but also spreads awareness about your club. It’s a form of advertising that can help to attract new pledges. Consider using sites like UberPrints to order custom-made t-shirts. 

9. Invite Back Alumni 

Hosting alumni events is an excellent way to meet past members. Plus, alumni can give you ideas to improve your sorority or even act as a networking relationship. They might even donate more money since they have a connection to the cause. You can set up cocktail hours or networking opportunities. In addition, consider catering for the event. 

10. Offer a 50/50 Raffle 

Students like to win prizes, so this can be an easy way to raise funds. The raffle allows for both your sorority and the winner to benefit. Along with the cash from ticket sales, you can ask for outside donations. Poll students to see what prizes they would want. Phone charges, headphones, or a coffee maker are all good ideas. 

11. Offer Tutoring Services 

This is one of the fundraising ideas for college sororities that directly benefits your peers. Students may feel more comfortable learning from someone they can relate to. Plus, tutoring is a good experience to include on your resume. Put up flyers in your library, dorms, and student hub to advertise your services. 

12.  Have a Car Wash 

Car washes are a classic fundraising tactic. Many college students are looking for cost-effective services. Plus, it’s a fun way to bond with other club members and connect with your peers outside of class. All you need is some cleaning supplies and nice weather.

Top Fundraising Ideas for College Sororities

Fundraising is a critical part of being part of any campus sorority. The money is essential for activities, educational programs, and fees to national organizations. Consider some of these fundraising ideas for college sororities for your next event. 

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