10 Field Trip Ideas for High School Students

Ginger Abbot

Nov 24, 2022
Visiting an art museum can be one of the best field trips for high school students because it exposes them to a wealth of culture.

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As an educator, it can be hard to plan school trips. You want your students to learn while having fun. There are many different ways to engage them outside of the classroom. So, consider some of these field trip ideas for high school. 

1. Visit an Art Museum 

Art can help students learn more about history. Some of them find the subject hard to connect with. Viewing historical events on a canvas makes the subject more interesting. It may even inspire those who have a creative side. In addition, seeing the various artistic styles teaches teenagers to be more tolerant. 

2.  Head to an Aquarium

Seeing marine life up close is a cool experience for your students. Consider planning it as an end-of-the-year activity to celebrate their hard work.  In addition to the fun atmosphere, high schoolers can learn a lot. They can expand on their knowledge of animals and habitats. Also, hands-on experience with animals, helps them develop a deeper appreciation for nature. With the impacts of climate change, younger generations should understand conservation strategies. 

3. Explore a Television Station

For students interested in a career in broadcasting this is a fun opportunity. They can learn how the technology works and even make networking connections. Plus, most people watch some form of television. In fact, the average person views about 3.1 hours of television per day. Therefore, it’s a cool experience to learn some behind the scene secrets. Many television stations offer high school tours, such as QVC. 

4. Spend a Day at the Botanical Gardens 

These gardens provide students with stunning views of nature. This is especially exciting for kids living in the city. For all students, the trip allows them to see diverse plant life. It’s a great way to teach real-world science concepts. For example, you could discuss different soil conditions. Another benefit of the experience is teenagers are outside soaking up the fresh air. 

5. Go to the Movies or Theater 

Movies are a fun way to tie in the books you’re reading in English classes. You can see film adaptations and discuss the differences between the book and film. Plus, it can help reinforce concepts some students missed. Also, the promise of seeing the movie may encourage people to finish the book faster. 

Along with the movies, going to the theater is another good trip idea. It’s interesting to see how the acting and sets all come together. Plus, it can improve students’ critical thinking skills and vocabulary. You can go to a local community theater or a high school performance. Who knows it might even inspire someone to get involved in the theater. 

6. Visit Your Local Zoo 

Zoos are one of the classic field trip ideas for high school. Teenagers can view a variety of animals up close. Plus, it’s easy for them to apply what they’re learning in science class. It is also a teachable moment for those who want to work with animals. Another benefit is walking around the exhibits is good exercise. Plus, you might find it easier to line up chaperones. 

7.  Head to a Farm 

This place offers both animals and nature views. In addition, students learn where their food comes from. As they’re taking in information, you can tie in nutrition tips. The farmers may even provide a few gardening strategies. The farm also gives students a chance to explore scientific concepts on their own. For example, let students pick some vegetables and research the growing process. 

8.  Volunteer at a Food Distribution Center 

This is one of the field trip ideas for high school that allows you to give back. Many people struggle financially and about 15,000 Pennsylvanians are homeless.  So, providing meals can help offer them relief. Consider serving at a soup kitchen. The younger kids can pack lunches and the older ones can serve and interact with the visitors. 

9. Attend a College Tour 

Many high schoolers will start thinking about college before graduation. Seeing a nearby university can give students a better idea of what they’re looking for. It can also get them more excited about the experience. Plus, it’s a good opportunity for teenagers who have limited resources or a busy schedule. 

Although, not everyone will go to college. That’s why it’s a good idea to learn about the trades, such as construction. Invite these employees to speak at your school. You can bring in entrepreneurs as well. 

10. Participate in a Financial Class

About 50% of high schoolers wished they had learned financial literacy in school. Understanding finances is essential for everyday life. Plus, many students take out college loans and might not fully understand them. That’s it’s critical to learn these skills early. Find classes that discuss topics, such as money management, budgeting, and taxes. 

Best Field Trip Ideas for High School

Many students look forward to field trips. It gives them a chance to get away from the classroom. Although, deciding where to go is a little tricky. So, consider one of these field trip ideas for high school when planning your next outing. 

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