7 Countries With Free College

Carolina Jacobs

Jan 6, 2023
countries with free education

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The average college graduate in the United States starts their life under tens, sometimes hundreds of thousands, in debt. This excessive student loan burden prevents many from buying a home and starting a family. However, you need a degree to get many jobs that pay enough to let you reach those goals someday. 

Many countries consider investing in education a vital part of securing humanity’s future. Therefore, you can study there without racking up a penny in student loan debt. Here are seven countries with free college to consider after you graduate. 

1. France

College in France only qualifies as “free” if you are a resident of the European Union. However, even if you reside in the United States, you’ll find that the attractive tuition prices of less than €3,000 a year are far less pricey than the cost of two semesters stateside. Even when you factor in travel costs, you’ll save thousands on your education. 

Going to college in France is wise if you hope to go into research. The National Centre for Scientific Research supports more than 33,000 researchers. It’s no wonder that the country has given birth to geniuses like Louis Pasteur and Marie Curie. 

2. Germany

How would you like to attend a university without paying any of the normal tuition — you only have to cover administrative fees? If such a scenario sounds like a dream come true, it isn’t. You just have to hop on a plane and head to the Old Country to do your free college study abroad in Germany. 

This country offers no end of culinary delight. You’ll find no shortage of snacks to accompany your ale, from delicate marzipan to hefty Bavarian-style soft pretzels. You might never go back to your traditional white loaf after enjoying the flavorful and hearty pumpernickel favored by Germans for their sandwiches. 

3. Iceland

Are you a woman seeking an educational experience where you’ll be treated as equal to your male peers? According to the World Economic Forum, you can’t go wrong with Iceland, which ranks number one in female equality. 

Iceland is home to seven universities. The public ones are tuition-free for students, although you will need to pay annual administrative fees. Those who fall on the more introverted side of the scale will delight in the nation’s small size — there are only approximately 1,800 students, 5% of which come from away. 

4. Sweden

If you hope to do your undergraduate work for free in Sweden, you have to have a European Union card or a generous scholarship. However, if you plan on completing a research-based Ph.D., you are in luck. 

You do need to take into account the higher cost of living in Sweden. Stockholm often ranks among the most expensive cities in Europe, but you might be able to get by if you can work while you complete your dissertation. 

5. Norway

Norway believes that everyone deserves the right to higher education, regardless of where they were born. They don’t charge tuition fees at their public universities, and some institutions even exempt foreign learners from some administrative costs. 

Ensure you pack your camera if you opt for this country with free college. Norway has some of the most exotic landscapes in the world, delighting your camera lens with breathtaking fjord vistas. You can also soak in the nation’s rich cultural heritage at one of the many museums. 

6. Brazil

Who said that you had to board a jet and fly across the Atlantic to complete your education? If you prefer a more tropical climate, head to the South American nation of Brazil. They take education so seriously that they don’t charge tuition at public universities. 

Unlike many South American countries, you’ll need to master Portuguese instead of Spanish. However, if you have experience in another romance language, you’ll find it less burdensome to master. 

7. Czech Republic

Do you speak Czech? If you don’t, you might want to invest in a language learning app if you hope to save money in a country with free college. By law, Czechoslovakia makes programs in the language tuition-free. It’s their way of keeping their tongue alive. 

What if you don’t want to study linguistics? You can find other programs for free or apply for scholarships if one isn’t available gratis in your discipline. 

Consider These 7 Countries With Free College

The cost of higher education in the United States can condemn you to a lifetime of dead-end jobs or paying back debt. Consider one of these seven countries with free college to earn your degree. 

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